Aug 21, 2007

An Intro

I lost hope that the website created over 4 years ago for our wedding information would ever be revived as a tool to communicate the current happenings in our lives. I have thus resorted to a similar tool, a blogspot-or whatever it is officially, professionally, legitimately-termed.

Whilst I do have the “privilege” of owning accounts at both MySpace and Facebook, I have nonetheless convinced myself that I have time to keep a blog both up-to-date and interesting.

Before I pollute my page with favorite music, books, movies, and pictures of us only when we look fabulous, I’ll first fill you in on where we our in our lives at this very moment.

We celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary on July 19th. We’ve had such a busy summer that we postponed our celebration until September when we’ll stay at Hotel Old Town in Wichita (we won a free evening in a drawing). We purchased our first home, a 1950’s ranch-style, in January, and adopted our first pet, Marley, a Boston Terrier, in March.

Shawn is a Creative at Sullivan, Higdon, & Sink (
www.wehatesheep.com), an advertising agency. Westar Energy and Cessna are just two of his clients. I work in Grants Management at the Kansas Health Foundation (www.kansashealth.org), a private, philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the health of all Kansans, but my main drive is for the aging population. I take one class a semester at Wichita State University toward a master’s in Gerontology and anticipate a possible future in advocacy (or some such thing!).

We love our families and would spend every weekend with them if we could. We enjoy sleeping in, going for walks, Pasta-Roni, going to the cinema, hosting dinner dates, weekend trips, Big Brother, concerts, etc..

Guess I can add blogging to the list.


Shawn said...

I love chicken and a biscuit crackers!

Katie said...

wooo-hooo!!! i'm glad you have a blog, now i can semi-stalk you guys :) miss ya.

Ashli said...

they face that launched a thousand ships?!?!!

Jenna said...

Just found your blog! LOVE IT!