Oct 22, 2007

I'm a MOMIX fan!

ONE of the perks to working at KHF is that we get free tickets to the symphony or ballet on occasion. This Saturday, tickets to Ballet Wichita (hosting MOMIX) were up for grabs, and I got them! I was quick to email Shawn to let him know I was taking him out on a date, and he wasn't too enthused that it included the ballet. Then I explained the MOMIX company has certain Cirque de Soleil elements, and he expressed more interest!

Here is a link to the MOMIX website: http://www.mosespendleton.com/

Below is aYouTube link to one of the dances:

I WAS absolutely sold, utterly smitten, and completely captivated by the beauty, strength, and grace the dancers displayed. I thought of what fascinating lives they must live, traveling nationally and abroad, awing audiences with the steadfast obedience manifested through their bodies. Every muscle, every inhalation and exhalation, showed. They danced with balls that looked like planets, hula hoops that never once brushed the floor. What an encouragement to see the capacities and talents of the human form.

If MOMIX ever comes to your city, GO! If not, why don't you dance in the kitchen, or outside amidst the quickly falling leaves?

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Ashli said...

wow, that is absolutely spectacular! lucky you!!