Jan 20, 2008

This 'N That

WHAT a delight it has been to come across some free weekends! Although Shawn has had to work late nights and I had my overnight trip to Denver, we've still found time to enjoy each other and get some real R & R.

Always one to find a reason to bake treats, I whipped up a homemade chocolate cake Saturday to commemorate our 41/2 year wedding anniversary (don't tease about the 1/2 part)!! The cake was very decadent and I'm having a difficult time staying out of it! Neither Shawn nor I can believe that much time has passed since we exchanged vows in 2003. Time zooms!

Going to the "big city" is exceedingly exciting, and I get camera happy around skyscrapers! The 2 ladies in my department traveled with me to Denver to visit Colorado Trust. We were apprised of their work in grantmaking and learned a great deal!

Whilst this isn't the most riveting of news, it's what we've got going on! Ciao until next time!


Andrea said...

So, I have to have the recipe for the cake...good job on making a homemade cake!!!

TheHappyNeills said...

When is your anniversary? Ours (our 5th!) will be this year on May 31. I didn't realize you were married around the same time as us! I'm learning all kinds of things about you! :) I'll have some of that cake, please.

I can't believe we were married 3 years and had 2 kids, and now we'll have 4 (hopefully, but possibly 3) after just 5 years! Life is crazy! :)