Feb 17, 2008

A Few Things I've Learned

INTIMACY with God is unmatched by anything invented, thought or valued in this world.

One gets out of marriage what one puts into it.

Life is but a breath-a moment-and each day is a gift-a clean "piece of paper"-unmarked. A chance to start over.

When you find someone with whom you can be completely "who you be"-never let him go.

The presence of a kindred spirit is like a sprinkling of fairy dust on an otherwise regular day.

Nature is God's song--His love letter--His message to me.

Laughter truly is a medicine. Couple that with a snort, and you're cured!

Holding and kissing the hand of a child gives me hope for tomorrow.

Much can be learned from our parents--their tears meant/mean something--their discipline a blessing clothed in disguise.

People will let you down, and you'll let others down--forgive, reconcile, admit wrongdoing, then move on--preferably over a shared chocolate sundae.

You're never too old for the playground--never too old to give mom a dandelion from the front yard.

Life keeps going--even when we beg for it not to. People grow up, grow out, grow better, and grow old--so love intensely while they're with you.

Vulnerability is a good thing--our hearts have things to share.

Giving God my very best will never be good enough--that's why there's grace--that's why Jesus did what He did.

Work isn't always fun, but it's necessary--so make the most of it, and do your work as unto the Lord, not for man.

The Golden Rule is not only golden, but silver and shiny and bright--and ever so true.