Mar 23, 2008

Sonogram March 20th=best day EVER

AFTER waiting for what seemed like eons, we were thrilled to rise from our slumber early Thursday morning to go and see our sweet baby (via sonogram)! This may seem weird, but at first I was afraid there wouldn't be a baby in there, because I haven't felt any movements yet, so I was really relieved to see that there is indeed a baby living in there (wildly performing Olympic-level gymnatistics!). Everything is progressing smoothly and the baby is a healthy 7 ounces (they think perhaps I'm only 18 weeks as opposed to 19 but will leave it up to the doctor to vote whether or not she'll move out my due date--plus, doesn't baby decide anyway?) And, the best part is is that we found out we're having a BOY!!!!!! Bet we caught you by surprise, eh? I had been praying for a boy!!

I now have a mommy "brag book" in my purse, which includes all 20 sonogram photos, so if you run into me while out and about, be prepared! I can't help it, as I'm overcome, overjoyed, exceedingly grateful, in love, smitten, and wrapped around our baby's teeny tiny finger!


mommyjoymarie said...

Yay! Boys are lots of fun! For some reason I thought you weren't finding out, so I was surprised to read that. It IS so weird to see them doing flips in there when you can't feel a thing! :)

Paula said...

Happy Boy Day!!! They are wound up tight balls of wild energy!!


Amy said...

Congratulations! How exciting...He's cute already!