Mar 11, 2008

This Seems to be All about Food

SHOPPING, eating savory food, and celebrating Andrea's birthday comprised our weekend. After several hours shopping on Saturday (eek--I'm looking for maternity clothes now!), we ate at Carrabba's (Wichita's best Italian food joint), then went back to our house to devour Andrea's Dairy Queen ice cream cake (a tradition in Shawn's family).

Sunday we drove to Winfield for brunch at the spectacular Southwestern University (Harold is the head honcho of food) Sodexho cafeteria--seriously, locals, not only students, flood the cafeteria's gates on Sundays after church for a $6.00 smorgas board of breakfasty foods. I was delighted they had provided peanut butter so I could properly douse my Belgian waffle. That evening we headed back to Wichita in time to enjoy the warmer weather via a leisurely walk with "the mutt," and watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

Ok, enough about food & being a couch tater--check out the pics:

Brenden didn't like one of the Jelly Bellys.

Maggie and Marley in Harold/Kathy's "in progress" living room
~the end~


Harold and Kathy said...

Yep - it does seem that it always involves food - but I guess that's a Harris thing....it is so wonderful to be together with family - food or no food about it! Love you Mindy and Shawn.
PS - great progression of pictures by the retro sunburst clock - keep it up!
Kathy (Grandma, Grammy, Grammy K - just trying out some names - hehehe)

Paula said...

Mindy - You've been tagged! Check my blog - broken-y-ranch.blogspot.com!