Apr 5, 2008

Friends--What Would I Do Without You? Thinking of You Today!

To have a girlfriend is to have life's best.
It means you have someone on your side
Who laughs with you but never at you;

someone who never minds a midnight call;
someone who rejoices when your plans
all work out
and feels sad when they don't.

You have access to a million laughs

with someone who loves to spend
time with you;
someone who cares when you're hurting and hurts with you.

If you have a girlfriend, you have
a treasure worth more

than anything money can buy.

~Barbara J. Hall

1 comment:

Ashli said...

You have been in my thoughts so often these days.
I am so happy for you.
I looked for a copy of that email w/ the info on working from home....couldn't find it...but here is one that i remembered http://apply.westathome.com/overview.asp
The company is west at home.
I also checked last night for that article about re-furbished baby stuff, also to no avail...
Anyway, I was talking to my manager about taking the trip out to see you in sept....
I was kind of thinking about labor day weekend, would that be a good time for you?
Lots and lots of love...