Apr 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Shawn!

Shawn turned 26 today. Crazy I've known this beautiful person for 13 years--back when we used to trip over our own feet and I wore black highwater jeans--oh, and I also cried over algebra and had an obsession with Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement. Why didn't anyone tell me the extent of my dorkiness?

Anyway, Shawn had a sweet day of birthday wishes, with coworkers treating him to lunch at Il Vicino and presenting him with a gag gift of some "not quite our style" outdated baby clothes. I bought him a big bottle of Kenneth Cole Reaction so he'll smell lovely for work meetings and our hot dates! We kept the evening fairly low key by ordering a stuffed-crust pizza and enjoying frosting-free cupcakes...no frosting because I was too tired to make some or run to Dillon's for some Pillsbury.

I'm sleepy & rambly, so I'll close. G'night!

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Harold and Kathy said...

YES - Happy Birthday, Shawn! Wish we could have been there to celebrate - it's very hard to not see your sweet children on their birthdays! But I know that Mindy and Marley entertained you prefectly! What a special baby you were on that day - and what a special man your are today.