Apr 21, 2008

Pampered Chef Shower

THIS weekend I went to Chanute for my dear friend Hilary's Pampered Chef Wedding Shower; her wedding is May 31st! My sis-in-law, Andrea, once again did a phenominal job of showcasing PC's awesome products. It was lovely to get home and see my family, and go to the Bilby "farm" to see the doggies, eat grilled burgers, and "drool" over the array of Mary Kay inventory! On Sunday after church, my parents treated us to El Pueblito, the best Mexican restaurant in Chanute. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and sharing news about the baby!

Sissy & me at El Pueblito
The Dunning's minus Meg..:(
Ken & Barbie

Ryan with his labs

Sissy & me with Hil, the bride-to be!
Andrea & Hil making lemonade squares (so good!)


Amy said...

Looks like fun. Your hair is getting so long! I love it!

Erin said...

Sister, these pics are so cute! Can you tag me the ones of Ryan and I and the ones with his dogs?

Love the tight tops to show off the belly! Keep it up! ;)
Love you!

Ashli said...

You guys are darling!

Made me miss you terribly, though..
Cute pics of the doggies

Can't wait to click my heels and come to see you!