Apr 29, 2008

We Like Our Walks!

MARLEY and I went on a lovely, long walk this evening. As I type this, he's wiped out on the couch snoring. His snoring is so bad that a vet once offered a referral for "cosmetic" surgery to fix his nostrils...sometimes it's more than I can bear and I have to rustle him a bit. This is one of those nights!

What I like about walks:

When Shawn's with me--conversation uninterrupted by cell phones & TV

Ogling over masterfully tended yards (with a tinge of envy)

Smelling BBQ

Smelling laundry drying

See families being active

Seeing the geese land in the river

We saw some interest-piquing things:


Andrea said...

Cute kitty! That is the kind of kitty I want! Hope your day was great!

Ashli said...

I want to go on an exploration walk with you and puppy! :)
It looks like a delightful neighborhood with all kinds of fun and interesting things to see.
Sometimes it's good to take a second and look at the world around us with new eyes.
I am missing you tons these days...and thinking about giving you a ring soon!
mwah! mwah! mwah! (and a quick buddha rub :))
love ya much - me