May 9, 2008

2nd Leg of the Trip!

THE second leg of our trip included trekking from Janesville, WI, to Champaign, IL, to see Megan, Stephen, and baby Max! We had what seemed like only a few hours with them, so didn't do an exorbitant amount of things. But we did go to Marble Slab, a fun bookstore, and a baby store (I saw the crib bedding I like but decided not to go with it). Meg and I also got to go to Target for a leisurely spree--we could spend hours there (and did)! We also noshed on yummies at Ruby Tuesday's; Max was so good in his high chair!

Max calls me "Minnie" now and is growing so big! It was awesome to get a glimpse of life with a toddler. Meg sticks to a nightly routine of bath and reading time; they have read to him almost every night since he was born. Shawn and I bought 3 books (Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?; Goodnight, Moon; & The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss) today so our baby can be smart just like Max, and have lots of books to discover.

Now it's back to work and a routine..I came back to 99 emails in my work account, 77 of which were legit. I got a good start on them yesterday!


Andrea said...

Oh man! I just want to get that cutie Max! Cant wait to meet the cutie in your belly!

Erin said...

Max looks like a little person-not a baby!!!! His hair is getting so long too...I wish I could see him!!! Sister, you're looking great too; I think your belly has trippled in size since I saw you last! :)