May 20, 2008

Hil's Bridal Shower

MY longtime friend Hilary (I practically worshipped her in high school--she's a couple of years older) is getting married at the end of May, so we all gathered for a shower in Kansas City this weekend. Festivities included manis/pedis (wow, a treat I could get used to), shopping (could hardly leave Pottery Barn Kids), dining at Yia Yia's, and watching Hil open some "pretties." I hitched a ride with Shawn's sister, Andrea, and we jabbered all the way to Kansas City. I was so blessed to get to see some of the CCA (Chanute Christian Academy) girls, plus meet some new friends. These gals are the kindreds who make me feel at home.

Love you, Hil!

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Ashli said...

Ah, you are a doll!
The pampering looks fab!!

So, checketh out my new blog...


It's not nearly as delightful as yours, but I've only just begun...