Aug 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Wilder!

Today is Wilder's first birthday! Woah, that came outta nowhere. Look how little he is here:
Now he's a big boy testing out carseats!
He was one of many born that day, but for us, an artsy fartsy (clueless) couple in Ta-town, he was our awakening, our transformation. The culmination of all our right decisions in life.

One may freak knowing the capacities of a child's brain, the synapses that form and touch thousands of times a day. How a kiss, a "hurray!", fuel the growing organ that is his mind, and how the negative counterparts do just the opposite.

What a hard and mighty calling it is to parent, with rewards my heart can't pen--where I feel whole and not so whole simultaneously. Whole because Wilder makes our family. Fills my heart to overflowing. Not so whole because I yearn for wisdom and grace as I guide him. Not so whole because I need to ensure he has no doubts that we love him. I need to reiterate these words, so he knows...

You are the one and only ever you.

When I'm feeling low, I speak the above phrase (and believe it for my own person). It's from one of Wilder's books,
On the Night You Were Born, by Nancy Tillman. It is my most favorite of his (I cried the first time I read it).

My beautiful angel, Wilder Raine:

Thank you for being the blessing you are. You are so, so special, and God made you wonderfully! You can do anything in the whole, wide world that you want to do. I am proud of you and have always wanted you. Thank you for your patience as I learn to be your mommy. When you were born, so was a mother.

Happy first Birthday! I love you!


Weza said...

Happy Birthday Wilder! He is such a beautiful child,and you are an amazing mother. Your words so beautifully describe the love and the feelings of a mother.
Congrats too on your 1st year of parenting. Enjoy today.xxx

mommyjoymarie said...

Happy Birthday Wilder (and mommy!)!

The Boccias said...

Happy birthday to Wilder! Love this post.

katieharris said...

Mindy, your words are so beautiful. And so is that little boy of yours....can that really be him laying on the sofa, so tiny and fragile??!?
Happy Birthday to Wildman, some year we'll have to have a huge party for the bday boys....maybe when Wild turns 18 and Todd will be 45. omg.

Amy said...

Such a sweet post. Happy Birthday, Wilder!!

Kate said...

Happy birthday to Wilder!!! <3

Erin said...

Yay!!!! Happy Birthday, Wilder!!! :) Auntie Erin sends her birthday hugs and kisses!!! :) xooxoxoxoxoxoxo

Kyle said...

You should have considered putting a "Warning--tears will come" disclaimer on this post! Beautiful!

Happy Birthday, Wilder!

Harold and Kathy said...

Happy Birthday dear sweet Grandson! You are such a special little boy to Grandpa and Grandma H. Congratulations Shawn and Mindy for being "awesome" parents during this first year! May God bless you as you start on year TWO! Get cake and frosting on your face Wilder!!

Natalie said...

I just have to say... I LOVE your blog! I just recently found it and am hooked even though I think I only know you vicariously though Sharla and Julie! =) You are so adorable and such a great writer! Wow, this last post on Wilder (cute name btw!) is SO beautiful and precious!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Wilder!
I am amazed at how well you can pen your thoughts and feelings oh so beautifully. What a gift!
I love and miss you much!

Carmen said...

Yay for first birthdays! But don't you miss those "plop him down and watch him sleep anywhere" days? So sweet.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Wilder! (sorry I'm a little late)

Mindy, I can't believe your precious little boy is ONE! He is beautiful and you are the perfect mommy for him. It has been such a blessing to walk this parenting road with you. Love you!

Jenna said...

I love how he is being cheesey for the camera while sitting in his car seat! SO CUTE!