Nov 20, 2009

Get better, my little one

I've a sick baby around here. I'm reminded of his itty bitty, more helpless days, when we were up multiple times in the wee hours, when he slept on my chest.

And although I'd give my right, cellulite-clad leg to see this kid 100% better,
I wouldn't trade his lying on my chest for an HOUR, his breathing strained under the sickness,

Or our slow-dancing to Christmas music,

Or the vick's vapor rub massage to his precious body.

And even though my cabin fever's about to send me over,

There's never been a better time to be momma.



Sarah said...

Enjoy that snuggling time!
Hope he feels better soon.

Julie said...

Beautiful picture of you and Wilder. And I felt the same way when Ori was sick--it was such a special time with him, even though it's sad they are sick. I hope Wilder feels better SOON!

Kate said...

I'm sorry that he's sick, but I too am guilty of loving the 'sick snuggles'! They are so few and far between these days! Get better Wild man!

Weza said...

you have a way about you that turns the hard times into precious moments. Thanks for a greater perspective.

Megan said...

It's so precious and heartbreaking when they are sick. YOu want them to feel better but cherish the extra snuggly time. I hope my little nephew gets better soon. Miss you sister!