Nov 30, 2009

Thanksgiving at Momma and Daddy's!

I try not to wish for things I can't have, but, really, I would've been okay had Thanksgiving ran straight into Christmas this year. A month-long celebration. I love being at home. I love my family. I love having the same thing to eat (turkey, stuffing, taters, 7-layer salad, Daddy's homemade rolls, corn casserole, desserts galore) every year. I love those extra helping hands for Wilder.

And the safety net that, just for a little while, other people are "in charge."

We don't get out fine china or dress fancily (stay in our PJs most of the time). We avoid the Black Friday crowds and don't make our beds. We talk, talk, talk, watch sports and movies together. Then, poof, it's time to return to normal life.

I adore this picture. It is dark and blurry but that makes me love it more. Wilder and Grandpa Mustache are buds (they had just finished looking at the stars). Wilder's feet never hit the carpet the morning we left.Grammy's tub was much nicer than ours--not cold cast-iron like we have!
My best friend and sister, Erin (Sissy) told ongoing gross stories of her vet-tech job.
Megan, we missed you, especially during our sisters-only gab fest at the mexi restaurant.
Oh, here's a peek at Erin and Ryan's Christmas photo shoot at Ryan's family farm. We had fun, except for dodging the cow patties part. I did not like that.
And that was our Thanksgiving.

Wilder update: he is still running fevers but started antibiotics for a sinus infection (hopefully that is all it is). We are holed up, again; please pray for 100% health for him. Also, he's working on a new tooth!


Jenna said...

oh, LOVE the beautiful scarf - so pretty with your skin, hair and eyes! Looks like you had a fabulous time. I could also have Thanksgiving run straight into Christmas. How lucky are we?

Anonymous said...

Love that last pic of Erin & Ryan! Wanna come take our pictures?? :O) Glad you had a super Thanksgiving! Love, Chelsey