Mar 21, 2010

Gonna pop?

Right, so, I have 10 weeks left til Eenie Meenie makes his/her debut (I'm 30 weeks), and if I'm being completely realistic, it'd probably be smart to count on it being longer than that (W was three days late--not bad!).

I am an optimistic person, normally. But under these circumstances, with a back whining at me regardless of the position I'm in, I'm freaking out just a little {at the time remaining/weight the baby will gain}.

I usually fair well during the day, but by the time the day nears its end, my body is beat.

It's all for a wonderful cause, though. :-)

If only there was some kind of brace like the halo, except it would go on my hips and come around to support my belly from below...(belly bands don't work for me--I need iron or metal).

Just a few notes:

The sugar craving is back in full force and I'm about to write Dillons or Dolly Madison over their inadequate supply of sweet rolls.

The baby is measuring normal, has heart rates in the 140s (Wilder's never that low), and seems to be skitter skatting across my belly...tap dancing...I've no idea what. It's not like there's a lot to do in there. Lots of activity though. I love it.

Found some great items at Target for the nursery. Now I'm getting excited!

Tell me if you get tired of pregnancy updates...
Wilder added "please" to his sign language repertoire, and uses it constantly. He's adding words to his vocab like a maniac, too. Shawn and I have started spelling "bath" "outside" "not eating" because he picks up on everything. We look at a baby book, hold a doll baby, and play in the nursery to prepare him for the wild ride ahead!


Sarah said...


Julie said...

I am NOT tired of pregnancy updates. Since I don't get to see you as much right now, I love seeing the pictures and reading updates on Eenie Meenie. You look so cute!

mommyjoymarie said...

I could never tire of pregnancy updates. :)

Michelle said...

I love pregnancy updates! So fun! And I love nursery picture updates too!

Kyle said...

You're such a cute pregnant lady. Love the updates, too. And much too excited to see if it's a boy or a girl.

Kate said...

you look beautiful Mindy! Miss seeing you! Hang in there the last 10 weeks...it is TOUGH to do w/ a toddler running around! Hugs!

Gma Kathy said...

Oh Mindy, this reminds me so much of when Shawn was in the pre-birth stage. My first was smaller..... my second (Shawn) was........ well.......... larger and so was I. You look great and I too do not tire of pregnancy updates!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You are the cutest pregnant lady EVER. Evah.

JM said...

I found your blog somehow and I love it. You seem so sweet. I'm not sure why but you remind me of my mom when I was little. Congrats on the new baby.

Mindy M. Harris said...

JM-nice to "meet" you. Thank you for the sweet comment!
I try to be transparent on my blog...I'm glad I have come across as sweet. Must be my sweet family that makes me that way.
have a swell night!