Jun 30, 2010

Easy to love

I call her "The Princess of Everything." I can do that because she's mine. And I tell her being the Princess of Everything is a hard job but she can do it.
I love her smell, the swirl of hair at the back of her head. Her fingers that splay while nursing...the noises she makes, the fat rolls that are beginning to multiply, the bit of lanugo left on her ears.

I soak her in. Even though I'm tired and wish I could get a full night's sleep, in the future I will covet reversion to her newborn days.

So we cuddle.
We breathe in sequence during afternoon naps.

And I thank God I am living a dream.
One last thing: any suggestions for a Fourth of July treat bearing the colors red/white/blue? If not, I'm making my trusty dirt cake.


Eric's Mommy said...

She is so sweet.

If you make your dirt cake I will drive aaaaalllll the way out there to have some :)

Weza said...

So beautifully put. Mindy you have a way of turning the hard yard moments into beautiful ones. Enjoy your princess.

Gma Kathy said...

Mindy, I have a great jello & cheese cake-nobake-flag dessert with blueberries and strawberries -very pretty and easy! I'll email it to you. Great post as usual - beautiful baby.

Livesays said...

An easy red, white,& blue treat: dip fresh strawberries in melted white chocolate and then coat the tip of the strawberries in blue sugar crystals. Super easy and festive!

Kendra said...

Such a beautiful girl, such a beautiful post, LOVE the first pic especially! I was also going to suggest the jello with strawberries, blueberries & coolwhip dessert. Enjoy! You have such a beautiful family. God is so good!

Anonymous said...

Love your new little bundle--she is beautiful!!

One 4th of July favorite around here is a cake (cake mix made in a 9x12 pan) frosted with cool whip and use strawberries cut lengthwise. Put the strawberries on in lines (to resemble stripes on the flag) and put blueberries in the top left corner (like in a square--they are the stars of the flag). Easy and yummy!


The Boccias said...

Love what you wrote. I KNOW I'm going to miss Talia being a baby. She smells perfect, she feels perfect, she looks perfect. I love taking naps with her because she likes to hold hands while she falls asleep. I love how she gets so excited she shakes a little when she sees me sometimes. Yeah, gonna miss her being my baby. No colic to remember this time around. :) So glad you are enjoying Story. Will I get to meet her at Julie's??!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

She is yummy!!

Jenna said...

These photos also made me smile. Thank you for documenting your children. That brings me joy!