Jun 29, 2010

Oh the thinks you can think if only you try...

A dear friend of mine and my sister in law threw the baby shower of the century for little Story. Thanks, girls!

From the cleverly written invitations to the pregnancy progression photos to the green deviled eggs to the wonderful ladies attending, the party was an incredible gift.
Story now has lots of precious clothes, including a Cora's dress--perfect for showing her off wherever we go!


Ashli said...

Oh my goodness, how I wish I could have gone.
Such cleverness!

Michelle said...

Very creative indeed!! I love the little shoes she has on! Too cute!

Shannon said...

If you have analytics installed, you might be able to narrow down who Anonymous is. Jerk.

Suzanne said...

How cute! I love the theme!

Anonymous said...

What a FUN shower it was!!
I just absolutely LOVE that Cora's dress!! Jess did such a good job! (I wonder if she could make one in my size? HA) Pretty sure Story will look much cuter in it!
Liz Lowrey