Jun 24, 2010

Wanting to protect

Came across this in some reading material today. I really need it, especially with Wilder's increased interactions with other children...which means he might get hit or pushed. :-( It shatters my heart, and equally painful was when I was away from him, at the hospital. I thought he'd be scarred for life at my absence. A couple of weeks later, he's well adjusted and a joy in SO, SO many ways!! And I'm pretty sure he's forgotten I was gone. He's probably sick of me now.

As mothers, we never want to see our children experience the sting of failure or rejection. But in trying to shelter them from adversity, we sometimes overprotect them. By safeguarding them from pain, we also shield them from potential growth.

God calls us to journey with our children, encouraging and instructing as they encounter trials and temptations. In sorrow our children can experience the comfort of God; in failure they can learn to try harder; in disappointment they can exercise the priceless faith that we most desire for them.

~Dr. Juli Slattery


Eric's Mommy said...

It is so hard. Eric is going into 3rd grade now and I worry about him all the time physically and emotionally. He would come home from school with scrapes and bruises from the playground. What worries me the most though is the emotional part. He hasn't really dealt with it yet, being picked on or getting in a fight etc. just little things. One kid saying he doesn't want to be his friend anymore, or if he has nobody to play with at recess, it breaks my heart.

Heather | Cookie Mondays said...

love it!

The Boccias said...

This is something that has weighed on me lately. I've seen Sophie ask her friends if they like her dress and then stand there waiting for their approval while they stare at her and say nothing. I've gone over to her when she sat alone on our driveway while some other kids played on the slip and slide in the yard and in her tiny voice she explained, "I'm not very good at that." HEARTBREAKING. To see/hear these things when she is just barely 3...to know there is so much yet to come...wondering how to help her navigate all this...thanks for sharing.

Kendra said...

Beautifully put! I love the pic of Wilder on the tire swing - such pure joy on his face!

Kate said...

Thank you Mindy! I've been struggling with this too. It breaks my heart to imagine that mason might think he's not good enough or smart enough in any way. Our instinct to protect our baby bears is SO strong, it has really surprised me. I have to make a conscious effort to let him experience things....although I don't want him to have a minute's insecurity or pain of not 'belonging'....at 3 I have to worry about this already? UGG!! BTW, missed you today! I was so hoping to sneak a peek at Story! :)

Cottage Industrious said...

Well put Mindy! What an important reminder that we need to encounter challenges and heartache to truly experience growth and the comfort of our Savior.