Sep 24, 2010

Estate sale report, letter A drawings

Thank you for your feedback this week. Very encouraging. I write the blog to satiate my creative hunger but I write it for you, too. It is gratifying to know what you think!

Anyway, just wanted to get that out before I forgot.

Here is my sweet stinky girl. She refused the bottle last night for Daddy when I was out with friends...stinker.
I had a flower pin in my hair this morning and Wilder said, "look Mommy, a big flower. That's beautiful!" And it sure was pretty but not nearly as pretty as this boys curls or eye lashes.
Found some goodies at an estate sale yesterday.

Wood-handled silverware: $2 (enough to set 3 place settings and 1/2 of another)
Sunglasses: $0.50
Owl pendant: $2
Mint condition red vintage clutch purse: $2
I also bought a chair for $5. I will have to post a picture of it later then ask for instructions on how to reupholster...

Here are some of our "A" chalk drawings. I am not sure how good of a job I am doing at reiterating the letter of the week as "A." I've been asking Wilder, "what's the letter of the week?" His response: D!

Mommy's astronaut:
Daddy's accordion:Mommy's sketch of Wilder:

Have a blessed weekend. You made it!


Eric's Mommy said...

Love your drawing of Wilder!

Michelle said...

You found some more awesome treasures! I especially love the owl pendant!

Andrea said...

I need to go with you to some estate sales and see what it is like! Maybe next time I am in town. It was great seeing you today, and last night:)

Ashli said...

Love the finds as always!
I've been out of touch, as you weren't showing up in my updates...
added www...hope that works! :)