Sep 20, 2010

Goopy glue

I have been busy. But what's new. Phew. I sat on the couch for 1/2 second today and I realized how little I actually sit on my couch.

I have chosen to relish the time with my kids and my house has suffered in response. A walk across the dining room mat ensures a crunch or two underfoot. Drives me bonkers. But it's my own fault.

My friend Julie, a former teacher, does cool neat projects with her son, so I copied and made the same gooey easy paste stuff (see J's link for the recipe) for Wilder to test out.

He wasn't a fan of getting his hands dirty--"towel, towel, wipe it, wipe it, no like it...pleassseee," he kept saying.
Where or where does he get that from?
By the way, we were at the farm today! Here's Wilder workin' hard:
Wouldn't he make a darling ranch hand, the object of girls' fancies? I think so. But just be warned that he's not allowed to date until he's 32.

Make that 35. Ok scratch that. I want grandbabies.



The Boccias said...

That boy is the cutest! The curls...love 'em. He and Sophie can add "dislike of getting messy" to their list of reasons to love each other. :)

Shannon said...

So cute. I'm so happy to hear somebody else talk about wanting grandkids. I think it will be so fun. I just try not to say it too loud since it's possible at any point now but I'd prefer to wait at least 10 more years. :)

Andrea said...

How fun to play in glue and hang out on a farm, my days are never that exciting!

Cottage Industrious said...

Oh my Wilder is the cutest little farm-hand! I think 28 is a very prudent age to start dating, that's maybe an acceptable time-frame for Evie too I think... And regarding the newest post about the letter A, did someone really call you that name?!! What! What purpose does it serve to share those kinds of ridiculous judgements other than to cut-down? Why, oh why would anyone want to say anything like that to a grade-A sweetie like you?