Sep 22, 2010

A is for Angry Ardvaarks Advancing Along An Arrow (s. boynton)

This week I was called a defensive pessimist. I wholeheartedly, unagressively, non-defensively, disagree (!).

This week we are practicing the letter A. So applesauce and A-shaped bread for breakfast.
This week (Sunday) I ran the length of a small Kansas town, around their track, and back.

This week I am excited about the upcoming 5K Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I saw a lady at the grocers who volunteers and she said the number of participants is record-breaking this year. Awesome.

This week this came in the mail. I've already used it. Can't believe I have gone so long without one.

This week Shawn introduced me to the show American Pickers. I can't get enough of it. It is my dream. Who wouldn't want to go tooling around in old barns for treasures??!?!?! Not naming names...

This week I think back on special moments with family.
This week I am thankful for my little boy's spirit, that cannot be broken even when mommy is grouchy (I flunked at Motherhood 101 today).
This week I am delighted at Story and Wilder's sibling bond, budding so soon. So already.
This week I wish I didn't have zits.

Now that's something you won't be getting a picture of.


Julie said...

I love that picture with the frog in Wilder's mouth. So funny! I also love your letter A activities. SOMEDAY, when my child is ready, I will just have to copy. And lastly, I have never ever seen a single zit on your face. That is why you can't post a picture--because it isn't true. hehe.

Julie said...

I forgot something--I'm very proud of how hard you have worked for the race!

Kristin said...

The letter of the week is a fun idea, American Pickers is a great show, and it's nice to know that I am not alone in my Motherhood 101 report card. :)

Mindy M. Harris said...

girls...the letter of the week is a very "loose" idea. we don't have much structure around it. just drawing pictures of A's, Sesame Street A's, sidewalk chalk. i don't expect W to know the letter A..it's just fun to have some kind of learning focus for the days i'm clueless! (most days)

Angela said...

For all the kindergarten teachers out there I thank you for doing fun letter activities with Wilder! It's so beneficial to introduce them even if he doesn't "get it" yet. You are preparing him for success! Too many times have I had kids come into kindergarten and not have a clue about any letters or know how to count!

Sallee Gaelle said...

i also loooove American Pickers! got into this week on netflix : ) you are an awesome mother. i can only hope that i can be a sliver of the mommy that you are. miss you!

breitenbach8 said...

I love that frog pic too!
Do you do yoga? I went to hot yoga a few weeks ago. I don't think it's my kind of workout. Probably because I don't do it right..
I can't wait for the race Sat. too. I hope I can make it! I've only made it 2 miles without stopping so far :/ See you there.

Michelle said...

I got a bad grade on my mommy report card this morning. Lost my cool and said some things in anger that can't be taken back. It's amazing how forgiving children are!

Kyle said...

We love American Pickers here, too! They feature Kansas quite a bit and it's always fun to see what people have around here. The fact that W is bonding with S is so encouraging. I worry constantly about Judah being jealous of the new one.