Sep 29, 2010

Mi amor

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I love:

the high after a run
twix bars
date night
succulent plants
cool nights
baby wearing
toddler kissing
estate saleing
vintage toys
pretty paper
take charge people
blogger friends
doing life friends
faraway friends

On a day like today, when Wilder threw a full-fledged tantrum on the floor of Old Navy (their Halloween costumes are a hoot if you don't want/know how to sew) and I just stood there, frozen, it is VITAL to remember the things I love. The little things that add lilt to my voice and a jig to my step.

It will be ok. Everything will always be ok.

But I still have a question: what's a girl to do about toddler tantrums in public? I literally just froze and let him throw the tantrum. I was shell-shocked and felt very much not-in-charge. Sometimes I walk around my house saying, repeatedly, "I'm in charge, I'm in charge, I'm. in. charge!!"


Kristin said...

You are not alone! In fact, I had to smile, because I've felt a little lost lately in the "I'm in charge" department.

Cherish Stockdale said...

uugghh hard one! lately when my toddler has been throwing tantrums in public I have picked him up and swiftly moved him to a remote aisle of the store. He still screams but I feel a lot better thinking I am not directly in everyone's view! lol tantrums= mommy melt downs for me! The WORST. sometimes i say "i'm in charge??" LOL

Kate said...

when mason did that, I just walked away. (obviously I didn't leave him there)But so I could see him still, but he knew I wasn't giving him my attention. That usually brought an end to it, THEN he got a time out IN THE STORE for acting like that. Then we talked about it and moved on. It took time and a cool head, but it worked for us! GL!!!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i swear that there is no such thing as the terrible twos, because it's actually the terrible threes. the only thing you can do is let him go crazy without getting a so much as grimace from you so he knows it doesn't effect you (even though inside your freaking out) and then leave so he knows you ARE in control and that you won't accept that kind of behavior. that's what i did when henry was three and it sucked but it seemed to help.

Shannon said...

I left the store when my kids threw tantrums. Groceries in cart, stuff in my hand, everything. The only place I didn't leave was Disney World because it was too hard to leave that theme park because it takes like an hour to get anywhere (we did leave Six Flags though). Kids don't like leaving (even shopping) so it makes a statement. If you have to deal with it, I would always repeat to myself "ignore the behavior, not the child."