Sep 28, 2010

Save the boobies

Can I get an awwwwww???

First kiss at age two. With an older woman.

Each day's an adventure around here.

I've been especially touched in my friendships lately. Very grateful that my friends are willing to cut time out of their busy lives to spend time with me/the kids. Sometimes I feel like a high-maintenance friend because I value face to face time, and think that it's really vital for the development of heart friendships.

Which leads me to a strong lesson I'm learning: how am I to know Jesus if I'm not spending time with Him? There's still areas in my life that need healing, and I should be on my knees in prayer about them. On my knees for my kids. Praying for their hearts. Their future spouses (picture above reminds me of this). So much to pray for. I am asking Him for discipline to carve out time for Him each day, just as I do for Shawn, for my kids, for me.

Praying you will be determined to make Christ a priority this week, and always. Praying you will not be overwhelmed by the sometimes sheer seriousness of life.

We are blessed to walk it.

Or in my case, run.

Here are some pictures to prove I did it!
I was really proud of myself for running this 4 months post-partum, and for disciplining myself to get on the treadmill at 10pm 4 nights a week when really I would've rather watched American Pickers. :-)

Let's not talk about the fact that I lost my car key after the race. Thank God someone found a SINGLE car key. Oddly enough I didn't freak out; I have take-charge friends who talked to the people in charge and found it.

I run around with 2 kids and have never lost them!


Heather said...

Man, I thought I had it bad locking my car keys inside the car on the way to the race Saturday. You win! Glad someone came to your rescue!

Kristin said...

Well said - I feel like I am constantly struggling with time management and balancing the most important things in my life. And I think it's inspiring that you ran the race - great accomplishment!

Julie said...

Thanks for sharing your heart. I am so thankful we have each other and can encourage each other with what is important in life. Love you!

danielle said...

YOU GO GIRL for running that 4 months post-partum!! i am just getting back into the swing of running and my baby is almost a year!

thank you for the reminder of making christ my number one priority.

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i think you rock for carving out time to run. i'm 18 months post partum (haha) and still don't do that. i so need to. i also think it's awesome that you are focused on finding a way to spend time with God each day.

Krista Hutton said...

I sometimes feel like a high-maintenance friend too!!! I truly value face to face time and I know that can be hard for a lot of people to give sometimes. I'm also in the same boat as you on feeling like I need to give more time to God. So often, when I have "free moments" to myself, I use them selfishly by doing something I want to do like scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, ect, and don't give Him the time he deserves. I've been working on putting time with God first before my own selfish desire. It's a work in progress....:)