Oct 18, 2010

56 questions

Ok not really.

You didn't think I'd make you sit through answers to 56 questions, did you?

There are only 16ish...

What's your favorite food? Cookies, cookie dough, chocolate, brownies, cake...

Can we see more pictures of my cute house? Well thanks for thinking it's cute! I do plan to release pictures of our house over time. We are currently rearranging our bedroom so I'll shoot for that next.

What is my pet peeve? Hearing someone clip his/her fingernails (ahem, Shawn). Another pet peeve is seeing people be rude to employees in the service industry. Also foot tapping and audible gum chewing. And interrupting.

How do I feel about arranged marriages? Ummm...?? Let's see, I wouldn't want it to be me!

What would Story's boy name have been? Truman Ray Harris

What is the meaning of Story's name? It's not as complex as you may think...when I saw it in a baby name book it immediately spoke to me. It was like, duh--I like to write and tell stories. Additionally, I consider it a privilege to hear people share their stories...every one has a story. This seemed appropriate because both Wilder and I love people...neither of us knows a stranger. So it is partly to recognize that strength of Wilder's, too. And it's also cool because Story's story has been written by God, all her days ordained...Elena is my best friend Davina's, middle name. She lives in Germany and I miss her very much.

What's my favorite thing that Shawn does to help around the house? Besides being 100% devoted to the kids from when he gets home from work to when they go to bed? Hmmm...dishes and laundry.

What is my favorite childhood toy? Does WeeBee, our Siamese kitty count? We put him in dolly clothes and put a diamond earring in the hole in his ear (from a cat fight?) and I talked to him because I was too shy to talk to anyone else. RIP, WeeBee.
What is my favorite veggie? Carrots...especially with butter, Velveeta, and crumbled potato chips; it's a casserole my mom always made. After that I'd say farm fresh green beans, with onion and bacon. Don't like beets, asparagus, tomatoes, olives, radishes, broccoli, cauliflour, avacodo, cabbage, cucumber, squash etc etc...I am not a veggie gal. At all.

Do I have a subscription to ReadyMade magazine? No, I don't, but I've seen the mag and love it. If budget wasn't an issue, I'd subscribe.

What is my favorite dessert? see above. Oh, you want specifics? Outrageous Chocolate Chip Cookies. But if we are going out to eat I like Old Chicago's big cookie. With ice cream.

What is my favorite day of the week and why? Saturday, because there are two people to help with the kids during the day. And we're either cozying up on our king-sized bed as a family, or off having adventures.

What is my favorite movie? Erin Brockovich. Girl power! Julia Roberts! Nuff said.

Do I enter a lot of blog contests online? Hmmmm...not really. I don't actively seek them out but if I see something I like I'll take the time to enter.

How do you find all the estate sales you go to? How much time do you typically spend before scoring all of your treasures? Great questions! I live in an older neighborhood, so often, when we're out and about I will spot signs for nearby sales and just pop in. Other times, if I actually want to schedule estate saleing for the morning, I'll look in the paper (check the Classifieds, then Garage/Estate Sales) online. Estate sales can run from Wednesday to Saturday. If you're looking to pay reduced price, go the second or third day. As I've said before, the company-run sales won't have nearly as good of prices as private families who are just needing to close their loved ones' estate.

It doesn't take long for me to find something. If I'm not too distracted (think the Hallelujah choir...I'm just in.my.element) I'll scope out the whole house first for any larger pieces that may be up for grabs. I've made some dumb impulse purchases, but most things I plan to keep, or sell on Etsy if I ever get around to setting up a store.

As far as the hassle of bringing kid along? Story's still okay in her carseat or being worn, so, that's no biggie. Wilder enjoys estate sales and as long as he obeys/stays close/doesn't touch, we're good. Most people are friendly & I usually just joke and say, "Momma's gotta keep a hobby of some sort!" I always get help with things out to my car, too. But estate saleing takes a lot out of me with the kids; we don't go all the time.

If you could visit anyplace in the world with money not being an option where would you go? to Malawi, Africa, to meet Fillimon, the boy we sponsor. And if Shawn ever wants to take me camping at the base of the Grand Canyon, I'm there.

I like questions. Keep 'em coming.

And now here's one for you: if you could accomplish something, and be promised to not fail at it, what would you accomplish?


Suzanne said...

Thanks for answering all our questions...to answer yours...
I'd love to have a great relationship with my kids when they are grown. I know my husband and I are super guilty at "well, should we call them (his parents) we don't want to,but if we don't...etc". I don't want my ids to feel that way about me. I'd love them to always think of me like the best thing that ever happened to them. Wow..selfish huh?

The Boccias said...

Ha ha, my question about arranged marriages was a joke because of how much I adore Wilder. Sophie Harris or Talia Harris...I don't care which. :) So if he has that much of a choice, it's not so much of an arranged marriage, right?

breitenbach8 said...

Kenzie's best friends name is Truman!
You'll have to make your momma's carrot casserole for one of our get togethers. Sounds interesting!

Megan said...

loved the answers! i would write/publish a novel.