Oct 19, 2010

Bubble gum machine craft

Pretty much my favorite blog is Whatever. You read it, right?

It's the second thing I check every day. First is email.

I loved Meg's gumball machine and typewriter photos so much that I ordered prints from her Etsy store for Story's room.
So I was a wee bit excited when she had her kids construct gumball machines for their regular craft activity. Her gumball machine story is a very precious one; go and read it if you haven't already! I asked if I could post a couple of pictures from that post, and she obliged. Wasn't that nice?photo credit, Meg Duerksen
photo credit, Meg Duerksen
photo credit, Meg Duerksen
photo credit, Meg Duerksen

Though Wilder's been doing a lot of this lately...
I was able to coax him off the couch to at least glue on some gumballs/foil for his own gumball machine craft.

He did a great job!
I think it turned out very cute. It will be hanging up for a long time.
What projects have you been doing? For inspiration, visit Meg's blog! There's a whole craft section.

Oh me.


Cherish Stockdale said...

I love Meg too! Wilder looks so cute sucking his thumb on the couch! love it!! :)

meg duerksen said...

i LOVE it!!!
so cute.
soooooo cute.

Andrea said...

How cute! Seeing wilder on the couch makes me want to come and cuddle him...too bad I dont have more sick leave or I might do it! Love you guys, the gumball machine looks great Wilder.

Julie said...

I love that you did this with Wilder! It turned out so cute.

That picture of Wilder on the couch about breaks my heart.

Jenna said...

LOVE W's monkey jammies. I love kids' pjs and am secretly addicated to buying them for my W.