Nov 22, 2010

Gingerbread Village

The Assistance League of Wichita hosts a Gingerbread Village fundraiser each year.

Of course I wasn't privy to this awesome event until I became entrenched in the mommy community. My friend Nicole told us about it:
You pay a small fee to enter, and that includes a gingerbread house kit. It was a joint effort on my and Shawn's parts to get even two houses completed between holding Story and keeping Wilder out of the candy (at least a little).
Story played with her hands for awhile. Who knew they could be so fascinating?
Here's one of our houses, happily displayed on our mantle. Now I catch wafts of graham cracker in the living room:
We also gawked at the gingerbread houses that had been entered in the contest:
Wow, right?
Here's my favorite:
One of the houses was "green" and even had a recycling bin in the yard:
Here's TidBit, a screech owl. It was pretty cool to talk about the owls we read in books and say this was the same thing:
So grateful for family adventures. They should be more a priority. So often it's Daddy to one child and Mommy to the other.


TK said...

this sounds so like my type of family outing...to read all about what is NOT my type of family outing check my post from last Friday!!!! Still can't quite believe it, this little boy has been on my mind ever since!!!

TK said...

ps.....I have just realised that the cute diva at the top of your blog is one of your artistic creations!!! I love her!!! & also still praying daily for little Evie Ray, TK xx

danielle @ take heart said...

i love wilder's face looking at the owl, what a fun time with your family! and seriously…the gingerbread houses are amazing