Nov 28, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Though it didn't work out to host an Operation Christmas Child shoebox party with friends, Wilder and I had our own celebration for the overseas child who would be receiving the gift.

I did the dollar store shopping myself because I didn't want the struggle of telling Wilder, "no, you can't have that." When I got home we looked at all the items and I said, "this is for our friend in Africa," and, he understood (because I have mailed some items to our sponsored child before).

After cozying everything in the box, we held hands and prayed for the little boy who'd be on the receiving end.
Wilder is very good at sitting still and praying; it melts my heart.
And we had to get some photos to remember the first year of doing this. I think Wilder looks like a teenager (in the face) here. So grown up.
This was a really special project that glorified the Father and began the planting of a generous heart in my boy.
I am thankful for opportunities like this.

Next year, I plan to have a little money saved up so we can do at least two boxes. It was hard to pass up all the girl stuff!


TK said...

I'm with you....I think I would struggle passing on all the 'girlie' stuff!!!! Good for you doing this generous & giving project with Wilder. My M does one each year with his school...it is such a wonderful idea & teaches our kids the art of a 'giving heart & mind'.

Eric's Mommy said...

So sweet :)

Liz Lowrey said...

Great idea to do with Wilder!! He is such a cute "teenager" :)

Michelle said...

I had fun doing a girly box! Thanks for the idea!

Ashli said...

Love it!