Dec 18, 2010

keepin' it real

In case you think I have it all together, I don't.

Here's proof:

Shawn was in L.A. for a few days this last week (his third trip, oh my) and I definitely started losing momentum with the kids. We had a fantastic/exhausting week, but by the time he was home yesterday I was ready to just sleep, sleep, sleep.

That is my fantasy.

To, someday, go on a trip NOWHERE FUN so that I will be forced to lie in bed in the hotel and watch HGTV and take long baths (after disinfecting the tub myself)...all of this with Shawn, of course.

I have great ambitions in the kitchen department: cutout sugar cookies, friendship bread, and punkin bread, but, folks, it just may not happen. I even have red saran wrap for the goodies. See, I'm all prepared, but have lost all motivation.

I did a silly thing by going to Ace Hardware, Wal-Mart, and Hobby Lobby today. The Saturday before Christmas. Duhh...what was I thinking? Just get in, get what you need, then get out was my mantra. Too bad it didn't work.

Perhaps Story is teething or just tired of being congested, but she has been very fussy the past two days. I get bent out of shape because she never fusses. So I don't really know what to do when she does. And potty training is going so well that Wilder doesn't want to get off the potty, even when it's bedtime. I think he's found a way to stall.

Lastly, I can't decide which pictures, by Ian Johnson, to order. Here's just a handful of what I've to choose from.

Poor W got so tired of cooperating. I love Story (Sissy) in it, though. The hairband makes her ears stick out and she's making a silly, adorb face.
Sibling love. We tried to get a good shot.

Goodnight from this tired, indecisive momma.


Ashli said...

Hectic holidays. Hope you get a beautiful nights sleep. Love you, wish I could give you a big hug and babysit so you could get some rest. (and I could love on your kiddies) And your photos are so pretty, who could possibly decide?

Katrina said...

The photos are so great, I don't think I would be able to choose either. Hope you got everything you went out for.

Eric's Mommy said...

I wouldn't be able to chose either, the pictures are all wonderful!

TK said...


Michelle said...

The pictures are all beautiful! I totally feel your holiday stress. With my anxiety issues, I always try to pace myself for things. So I start my shopping months in advance, write my Christmas letter early, wrap presents, get things shipped, etc. But somehow the stress of it all still creeps in and I get overwhelmed. I try to be Martha Stewart and go all out. The melt down came while making homemade soap and trying to get all our out of town presents wrapped so they could be shipped the next day! It was all just too much at once and I sadly decided there wouldn't be a Christmas picture this year. I just don't have it in me. And although it makes me sad, it also relieves me. So long story short... I understand about not having the energy to make your baked goods. :)

Natalie said...

Wow, so many amazing photos to pick from - you are too cute!