Dec 29, 2010

Mini celebration

The weekend before Christmas we hosted some of Shawn's family that we rarely get to see since they live a ways away.
It was a low-key gathering and I didn't even need to cook (how do you do that?). Aunt Andrea brought the fixings for taco salad. I always like it when she cooks because she uses free-range local meat and all-natural foods. I swear stuff tastes better that way. She also made these cookies (indeed on my top three list). They are must, year-round. So stock up on pumpkin.

Wilder was enamored by his cousins, The Big Boys.
Story bonded with Aunt Andrea. One of these days StoryGirl might go missing because Andrea couldn't help herself.
Papa and G'ma got their "fix":
And helped the babies unwrap gifts. Though we can't see G'ma's face in the picture, I had to include it to show the bonding between the kids. They love the handmade blankie.
And it may or may not be on my bed right now.

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Andrea said...

That is very true, I had plans for last weekend...so watch out this weekend!