Dec 22, 2010


We are spending a couple days with friends in one of our favorite towns.

We came a day early.

On accident.

That is how frazzled and stressed out I have been. With Shawn being out of town so much we got royally mixed up on when our brunch with college friends was going to be.

I spent since kindergarten getting the kids and I loaded up (with stuff for ALL our Christmases) to meet up with Shawn, and I wasn't going to go back home part-way into the trip. Shawn called me while I was driving and said, "did you know we are a day off?"

Fortunately, our friends have forgiven us. We feel just awful intruding at such a busy time of year. We will be forever indebted to them. Somehow the friendship bread I brought for them seems no longer a sufficient gift.

I love their apartment. I posted pictures of their prior apartment last year. Here is the place they've relocated to. I LOVE it. Enjoyed their tub complete with candles last night.

Awesome music:
So that's my sweet reminder to double-check your calendars; don't arrive a day early!


weza said...

Oh that is too funny. Just enjoy your extra day of holidays. :)
The house looks very cool.

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! That is too funny! At least you were a day early and not a day late. :)