Jan 14, 2011

Around these parts, part two

Around here, I've been taking pictures of everyday...just us, just life.

Tonight we sang "You are my sunshine" at dinner and afterward Wilder said, "Mommy, no, no, don't take my sunshine away!" Also today he said I was being bossy.


Here is his lunch on Fred, complete with Ernie bread:
Here is the kitchen I trashed from breakfast until now...cookies, dinner, plants needing resuscitation, all of it.
Here are the cute Westie flats I found at an estate sale. They are a size 6M, real leather, and fit perfectly. So great to find shoes in my size.
Here is the sugary cereal and Ramen (for Shawn's lunch) from Walmart; the highchair was the only available temporary landing zone for stuff:
I got happy mail! Mary Kay from my sister. I painted my nails right away.
And The Love Child (yes, we call her that, because in the purest sense, she is our love child) post-bath:
Now I just need to make some laundry detergent before bed so we can have a laundervention this weekend.


Lynnie said...

Haha! I LOVE the food balancing all over your kitchen counter! Mine looks like that too!

Drea said...

what a cute plate!! where did you get it?

Bethany said...

It's only right that the chid of a graphic designer would have that plate... I bought one for my sister's little boy too! Drea, I bought one at a good's store in Hutchinson, I know they're online, too.

danielle @ take heart said...

sad to say my kitchen is 100 times worse right now :/ yet, here i sit. it is nap time for the kiddos and i don't dare make any noise.

your love child is delish.

Erin said...

Nails look great ;) You've always had the best hands...mine are well, ew. I'm sold on the laundry detergent. Smells great.