Jan 24, 2011

only you

I'll skip the mushy stuff, but suffice it to say that I am lucky, nay, blessed in love. We have our hard moments...who doesn't when there are wee ones vying for precious time and attention? But it all boils down to this basic infatuation I have for a really cool guy.

Shawn, only you:

could rock a yellow pimp suit in high school:
could look so cute blowing stuff up:
could look ruggedly handsome in a zipped hoodie and really dorky jeans:
could be so proud of such hairy Fred Flinstone toes:
could stand still long enough to pose with a cardboard cutout:
could have such awesome moves with a plastic sword or light saber...or whatever this is:
could risk being poisoned by eating unknown plants:
could pull off the surprise of a lifetime:
could get away with going to Scotland weeks before our wedding:
could proudly sport pink toenails:
could look so hawt, refined, and contemplative whilst stringing Christmas lights: could convince us someone was actually on the other line:
For all these reasons, I've loved you from the start.


TK said...

this is such a sweet 'verse of love' for your Shawn...you both are blessed, TK xx

Kyle said...

aw! you guys are so sweet.

va said...

This was both sweet and so funny! I laughed so hard!!!

Mindy M. Harris said...

thanks girls. i meant to include some fatherhood pictures but i also wanted the focus to be on shawn as he was before he became a dad. the fatherhood aspect seems another post, no? it's full of emotion...am i strong enough to explore that? shawn's an amazing dad.
wooh eeee!

Gma Kathy said...

dat's my boy! what a good man! great post mindy!