Jan 20, 2011

Paper love bug craft

We had planned on salad and mac-cheese/playdatin' with a friend today, but when Shawn came back home to shower this morning (he pulled an all nighter at work), he said the roads were too icy to get out on.

So we stayed home. We've read books, worked on flashcards, done a craft, sung and banged on pots/pans & done a few chores.

I get wild hares a lot, and today it was to put Story in this carrier thingy.
It's intense. Like, for the mountains and hiking intense. But she enjoyed it and that allowed me some time to work on chores. Sometimes I feel bad for plopping her down in various "stations" throughout the house. After watching the Babies documentary (which I talk about all the time and that you MUST see) several months ago, I was inspired to do more baby-wearing, however it would work for us. I need to save up for a Boba carrier that's more suitable for older babies. The Bjorn works fine but only for a short time, until my back starts fighting me.

This carrier is more for a buff dude to wear, like Shawn.
Hold on, Wilder is getting out of his bed when he's supposed to be napping.

I am back. Here's the link to the paper love bug craft.
I have Valentine's on the brain. Contrary to most people's cynicism and disgruntlement with the holiday, I happen to dig it.
Now I'm thinking of making cake mix cookies instead of working out. Except now Story's waking up...


katieharris said...

Mindy, I like seeing what you use for the kids and what cool stuff you would like to have. Gives me ideas, because I'm pretty clueless.
Also, I think you need to bring the kids and that hiking carrier to Seattle and put it to good use :)

PaisleyJade said...

haha - cute shots and cool crafts!!