Jan 27, 2011

Simple and Creamy Tortellini Alfredo

I was super stoked to get some excellent feedback on the breastfeeding post. Thanks so much for your stories--some that made me cry, and some that made me laugh...(something about how the best post-nursing bra is a plastic surgeon!). I was secretly afraid I'd jinx Story's nursing since she's so hard to wrangle, but, she still seems okay.
iPhoto by Shawn, a couple months ago

Exciting baby news (no, not mine!). This morning on my 3 mile run (I had to take a 3 day break because Sunday's 6-miler did a number on my ankles) I received a text from my friend M, for whom I made the Dora cake, that her daughter was born. Everyone's healthy and I can't wait to go visit. Special thanks to Cheryl, Julie, Michelle, Jill and friends, Amy, Kristen, and Jessica for blessing M with a diaper cake, bottles, warm sleepers, outfits, formula, bib/burpie, taggie blanket...etc etc. We had a miniature shower at her apartment, admiring it all. This is a situation in which I am thankful for the connectedness text messaging provides (M and I text a lot).

On another note, I've been trying to cook more. As in, just this week. Here's my meal plan:

Monday-frozen pizza
Tuesday-tortellini alfredo
Wednesday-turkey sandwiches
Thursday-chicken and biscuits
Friday-philly steak baked potatoes
Saturday-hot dogs/mac and cheese
Sunday-chicken and salsa skillet

I'm not a show-off nor do I pretend to have it all together, so, you get to see the TRUTH about our food: sometimes we eat mac-n-cheese and most nights we don't eat healthy (although we have spinach salad, cottage cheese, fruit or carrots as sides most of the time).


Here's the tortellini alfredo recipe. I've even got pictures.
Aldi had all the ingredients (bacon, frozen peas, italian cheese blend, chicken broth, tortellini, cream cheese).
There was enough for leftovers. Here it is microwaved the next day:
Now that's lip smackin' and hip huggin'.


Eric's Mommy said...

That looks SO good!!

Julie said...

That looks yummy!

And yeah on the birth of M's baby!! How exciting. Hope you get to visit soon. :)

Michelle said...

Looks delicious!! And I'm so happy to hear M had her baby and everyone is doing well!

TK said...

yep - thats definitely the ticket......used to have this as kids and loved it - now you have given me another option for dinner for my M!!! I had forgotten all about Alfredo!! Thanks Mindy & have a lovely weekend with your family, TK xx

katieharris said...

Yummy, I'll have to try that, I bet Todd will love it. Cheese & bacon! Its kinda similar to my new favorite recipe: pea & bacon risotto. Pretty easy, just requires you to stir for 20min., but it's awesome, you should try it sometime. http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Pea-and-Bacon-Risotto-351151
(I don't add the lemon stuff and I double the recipe for two of us--with some for leftovers)

Suzanne said...

Yum! You had me at 'creamy'!

Kristin said...

So glad to hear the baby girl is here! Thanks for sharing. And definitely going to have to try that recipe. :) Enjoy your weekend!

PaisleyJade said...

That first pic is so cute!!!

Jenna said...

BTW, that pasta looks SO tasty!