Jan 21, 2011

Urban Farmgirl, and an amen!

Remember seeing Urban Farmgirl featured on Meg's blog?

Well, I am a fan of all things Meg, and in fact she might be my "blog idol." We share the first name initial, and I just loved her "M" necklace from Urban Farmgirl, so, I decided to treat myself to the same one.
Yay for treats!
Isn't it cool?
Visit Urban Farmgirl's blog here. And Meg's here (if you are that far off the radar in the blogosphere & don't read her already).

Happy Friday! I have whiny kids and that makes me whiny...hot date tonight, though!

Can I get an amen?


Cherish Stockdale said...

Love that necklace! It is super cute!
AMEN for datenight:)

Kyle said...

1. i need a "k" necklace.
2. you deserve an awesome date. i hope it goes wonderfully!