Feb 22, 2011

Book list and chocolate chip shortage

This post is a bit all over the place. If I was writing in a journal, it'd be, too. No editing or critiquing here. You just get my brain barf. :-)

Let's start with that book list I mentioned yesterday. There are about 10 trillion books I wish I had time to read. But for now, these books actually grace my bedside table. My disclaimer is that I normally don't read "spiritual" or "self help" books. I like to dig into a novel much like one enjoys sitting down for a movie. Writing is an incredible art form and I most appreciate that when I can digest a novel every now and then. However, now that I'm a parent, and am realizing more and more the extremity of my sin nature, the self help, spiritual, and parenting books make greater sense to read.

Here goes:

Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robinson-a book about asperger's; interest was piqued when I started watching the son on Parenthood; even more piqued when I learned my MAPS mom's son has asperger's; have yet to read

The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns-have heard rave reviews; can't wait to dig in

Heaven is For Real
by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent-read this in 2 days; a compelling story about Heaven; recommended by my mommy; a must read; it is still fresh, like a wound, and I want to weep about it it's so good

Silver Boxes
by Florence Littauer--we saw Florence's video at MAPS. She's precious. Her book is a solid reminder and motivator to watch our words

Treasuring God in Our Traditions
by Noel Piper--recommended by a dear friend; what little I've read so far has been too.neat! (especially good for someone like me who's not really into traditions or keepsakes...)

Shepherding a Child's Heart
by Ted Tripp--recommended by a friend as she said my disciplining style reminds her of this book; have yet to dig in
There you have it! What are you reading?

Wal Mart was out of cheap semi-sweet chocolate chips. What's up with that?
Channeled the summer side pony (=laziness) & wore my $.50 vintage, huge sunglasses:
Story crawls now (eeeewwwww dirty kitchen floor & messies in the picture!). I am pretty much obsessed with her and her brother. My heavens God is good to me.
Also, if you are a blog stalker and haven't left me some comment love in awhile, or, EVER, then read this post. I dig Jami's sense of humor.

Peace out.


Cherish Stockdale said...

we are out of everything. I don't love grocery shopping so I am currently procrastinating. you hair looks cute in a side pony & I love those sun glasses!!

The Rouse House said...

I saw your post on FB and had to check out the chocolate chip shortage :)

I have a friend who goes to Todd Burpo's church. She's mentioned Heaven is for Real. Sounds like an amazing story.

Michelle said...

Did you get some more chocolate chips to make those to-die-for cookies?? I sure hope so and can I come eat some?

my little celebration said...

I really like your sunglasses. And that you were ticked about the chocolate chip shortage. And that you love your babies...

Julie said...

Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart. Last time they were out of generic brown sugar and I had to buy C&H. No fun!

I also have Shepherding a Child's Heart at home to read (but haven't yet). Can' t wait to see what you think of The Hole in our Gospel.

Mindy Harris said...

Michelle the chocolate chips are for chocolate chip pie--recipe posted soon!

Jessica said...

I love that Wilder appears to be licking the applesauce in this pic. A big improvement over my son who hurled a tube of ground turkey at an innocent bystander during our most recent grocery run.

Emily said...

HOTTIE in the glasses alert!!!! :)

Bella Rose said...

Your blog is adorable! I'm so glad you came by mine, hope you'll visit again!!!

Miranda Young said...

Love the glasses!

Kristin said...

Love the picture of Story and the laundry basket. They don't stay babies long enough! :)

Suzanne said...

Boo..stock your shelves WalMart!
I'm glad I'm not the only mama in the world with laundry baskets that babies play in. :)

Jimi said...

Love your blog. Sorry I don't comment more. Miss seeing you!

Jennifer said...

I read your blog everyday. Don't know if I've commented, but I did send an email once. I found you from Sharla's blog. I taught with her. I guess I feel like a weirdo commenting on blogs when I don't really know the person. I picture them thinking "Who is this freak leaving me a comment." :) I love your blog!

Mamasita said...

Ok... LOVE your blog and LOVE your book selection (the sunglasses too!) I am going to be starting Heaven Is For Real and have heard wonderful things about it - also saw them do a story about it in People magazine.
So glad I found you! Come over and visit :-)
Happy Wednesday - and what the heck is the lack of chocolate chips about!?! Seriously! ;-)

TheHappyNeills said...

LOVE The Hole in Our Gospel and Shepherding a Child's Heart!

-L- said...

Busted...I totally stalk your blog and never leave a comment! But I think your awesome, and you have great hair! :)

the mcclenahans said...

Someone just recommended Heaven is For Real to me. It looks good. I may have to read it sometime...I'm just not sure if I can handle it! And I love Treasuring God in Our Traditions. SO good!

Kendra said...

Haha, I'm totally a blog stalker. Love your blog, dig your pics and you attitude. (;