Feb 14, 2011

A happy heart

Happy Heart Day from all of us!

Speaking of happy hearts, I pray that God will give Wilder a happy heart each day. Sometimes when he's being ornery, I say, "Wilder, you need to have a happy heart." Oh that we'd take our own advice/admonition! Going to start praying for a happy heart for myself, too.

On this Valentine's Day I extend thanks to Shawn for supporting me through thick and thin. And we're not just talking about my body size. He provides for our family so I can live the dream of poring myself into our children, our home, and my "people ministry."

I have grown up with Shawn (we met at age 14) and trusted him with a lot of crazy stuff and he's shown nothing but love, bottomless wisdom, raw honesty, and vulnerability in return (plus, he's hot!).
photo credit, Ian Johnson

We aren't like couples on t.v., twirling in dance in the kitchen or clinking wine glasses over a toasty fire. Our fireplace is dusty and non-functioning. We tell each other when we have a booger or our toe nails are looking long. Our bathroom is so small we hafto squeeze past one another to get to what we need. We share our frustration over never finding clean, or matching, socks. We apologize right and left for being jerky or selfish.

We're trying. And we dream about cool, fun stuff we'll be able to do someday. And we're pretty proud of the cute babies we make.
All reasons to celebrate. Once we find a sitter.
"text me"--really, company who makes & stamps these?


my little celebration said...

CUTE post Mindy. Very well written. Happy Valentine's Day! When John and I get back to Wichita here in a couple years, we'd be honored to babysit your babies.

Hugs, Dana

Emily said...

Sweet sweet post Mindy! I love it! You are a beautiful real couple! That is awesome!

Drea said...

love this!

Jami Nato said...

1) we say "happy heart" over here too! as in, you better have a happy heart or i'm going to spank your bottom.
2)you guys are so cute!
3)"text me"... L to the O to the L

Jenna said...

Love that candy pic. Would make such a cute valentine decoration each year in a frame.

life chasers said...

I loved this so much that I had to read it to my husband.
His response, "Wow, um that's our life".
I probably tell Ashlynn about 50 times a day "Have a happy heart!" and I too always hear it ringing in the back of my mind when I get crabby. Isn't it so hard to follow the same demands we put on our kids?!