Feb 24, 2011

Hard core

I don't have a lot of time this evening, but wanted to close the day with a few thoughts:

My kids make life hard core. I am a hard core Kleenex wielding, booboo kissing, tushy patting mommy! Wilder and Story make my life point straight to the core. To the center of who I am. If Wilder says, mommy I love you, or mommy, I have quite an appetite, or mommy what was your favorite part of the day, it seems the very core of me absolutely crumbles out of heartache (he's not a baby anymore) then wells with pride at the person he's becoming.
I strive to be interesting on here. Have some crafts. Take decent pictures. Be an encouragement. But the root of the root is that I love my kids and they are the basis, besides God, for everything I do. I am over the moon thankful and ecstatic that I have the blessing and joy to be home with my lovies every day. They take priority and if I'm feeling convicted to spend time with them over blogging, they take precedence (how do you balance "stuff"?).
Over dinner tonight we were singing The Wheels on the Bus, and Wilder started talking about getting on the bus by himself and that he would have a backpack and the bus would drive away. I was thinking, are you kidding me, kid? Stick the dagger in now.

If you see me take a break {from here} from time to time, it's because I'm kissing those babies who will, one day, go away from me. On a dusty yellow, stinky bus.

(unless we decide to home or private school or opt out of bus transit because kids talk about weewees and R movies and cuss)

Also, I bought Story some tiny jelly shoes for a quarter at an estate sale. So get thee to an estate sale, like, now.
Okay, maybe I had a lot to say after all.


april said...

I love me some estate sales...those jellies are too cute!

Shannon said...

That feeling of being sad they are getting older but also happy for them? Never. goes. away.

TK said...

my little M keeps on saying 'mum I'm not a baby anymore I am 9' BUT you see this is where it gets tricky.....he is my baby and always will be!!!! when he is asleep at night & I go in to kiss him goodnight & whisper to him how much I love him to the moon & back, he looks just like he did the day he was born & was first raised up to me for me to hold...precious thoughts, TK xx

Liz Lowrey said...

I love those jellies!! I had some just like it when I was a wee one. Great find!!

Kristin said...

The shoes are a great find! :) Hope you share a picture of her wearing them this summer. Enjoy your weekend.

Suzanne said...

I'm so happy we have our all-consuming babies. :)

Jenna said...

1. the jellies are too much.
2. I know what you mean. Your heart bursts with love and aches for change while your pride swells. You get me sweet friend. Many months ago you blogged that you strive to make each day a great day for Wilder (it was before S). I have a sticky note that says "Make today a GREAT day" and look at it often. Reminding myself that I don't get to do my day over - I have one chance. You do make your blog encouraging and your photos are oh so interesting!
3. The sweater and shoes are S make me want to pinch her through the screen!
4. I love Wilder's sweet side and can't wait to watch him grow.
5. Gosh, I'm lucky to know you in real life.

life chasers said...

I always feel funny adding my two cents because I only have ONE kid and she is only 18months old. However, I still have the same thoughts you do. Ashlynn is talking up a storm already and she tries to be a big kid. She really thinks she's 2 1/2 not 1 1/2. She came to me this morning and said, "morning! breakass (breakfast), mommy! peeeeeeessssssseeeee (please), godirt (yogurt)" I almost wanted to cry because I can't stop it at all. All I can say is enjoy every moment!

And as far as schooling, I TOTALLY think you should homeschool. I was homeschooled for all but two years and I am SO grateful. My other siblings are in public school in a tiny, wholesome community in the midwest and it doesn't matter, the garbage they come home with is disgusting. I have absolutely nothing against public school, I just know that when you are trying to raise godly kids it can be so difficult to have them come home and REtrain them.
But that's just my thought :)

Bethany said...

Fabulous jellies! Looks like the sale was good one after all.

Julie said...

I am loving that picture of Story. What a doll! And jellies were my very favorite shoes growing up. They were all I wore in the summer.

And that school issue . . . glad we have a few more years to figure that one out. Can't believe Wilder was talking about going to school on the bus.

danielle @ take heart said...

story is precious. love that picture! and those shoes are going to be cute to boot on her. neither of my boys are napping, though they should be. gonna try to email you:)

Krista Hutton said...

Love Jellies!!! I used to wear them all the time as a kid. While there are many days that seem to drag by, I wish time would slow down. When I look at Eli I still see my baby, but he is so grown up and it makes me want to cry somedays! Enjoy all the snuggling you can get:)

rduxler said...

I ADORE your blog. Just so you know. :)

Michelle said...

I loved wearing Jellies when I was little - had them in lots of colors.

Ethan talks about having his own house when he grows up and then Andrew says he's going to always live with us. I try to treasure all the little moments to. Sometimes when I get them out of the bath I just hold them all wrapped up in a towel and breathe in the moment and burn it into my memory. Then I tear up because I know one day I won't be able to do that. Ok I'm tearing up now!

va said...

Hi Mindy! Love your blog!! Those jellies take me back to the day when my Amy wore jellies!!! She is almost 27!!! Yes...I do have to say...those days go by quickly! The only regret I have as a mommy looking back...I wish that I wouldn't have been so tasked oriented. I wish I woulda let my "work" set...and spent more time with my kids. (ohhhh and I did spend a lot of time with them...) Ohhhhh those years go by quickly!!! Now I am an empty nester and I am a grandma! I absolutely love it! I have said this many times over the years...."Baby...I just love this stage!!"
Again....love your blog!

Shauna at The Reed Life said...

you are very funny.
i like the reasons that you may consider options other than the bus.
i also like how your sidebar says grab my butt.
you made me laugh out loud.
i am now a follower.