Feb 26, 2011

Lala's Closet Giveaway Winner

The winner of this beautiful peacock feather headpiece by Lala's Closet,
is entrant #20, Bethany, per random.org. Congratulations, Bethany! Email me for deets.

Hope you're all having a restful weekend.

I drew/colored a little last night...needed to zone out. Been kinda stressed.


-L- said...

Love the bows! Getting ready to order some! Hope you are having a good weekend and feeling a little less stressed! :)

Bethany said...

Wow! For reals? I'm so excited to see this in Eliana's hair. It's so beautiful! Thank you, thank you!

The Stucky's said...

i'm coming out of lurker-dom to tell you that I dig your blog. totally one of my faves.

and one time i almost met you in real life. true story! i saw you at my ob's office and i was like...hey...i recognize her...i read her blog and she is cool. but i didn't say hi because i am a major chicken and was scared that you'd be all like, "whoa...this girl is a little too stalker-ish for my taste". but i'm guessing you would have been very gracious.

anyways. thanks for sharing your life :)