Feb 25, 2011

Link love

My new friend Cherish is hosting a link love (this is new to me!) over at her blog, so I decided to participate. I am itching for a nap but this is more fun!

Let's make the theme be, if:

If I had a cat, she would be named Trinket and sleep in this.
If I had loads of cash, I'd travel to SoCal to attend this.
If I could bake something new this instant, I'd bake this.
If the car fairy came and morphed my clunker into a new car, I'd request this one.
If I could name my favorite little thing on Etsy, EVER, it'd be this.
If you wanted to know what "original to the home" mailbox we have, it's in the top left corner of this picture.

Linking up was easy and fun. Now you try!
Also, what do you think of the second hoop art I made while catching up on the Bachelor? It was pretty time consuming as I hand-embroidered "dream big" and pink stitching for the mini-bunting. Super fun & relaxing.
super cloudy out; I apologize for the poor photos


april@gingerbread girl said...

ha ha hooptie hoop...
ps...I emailed you back...

Mindy Harris said...

April--received your email. Thank you SO MUCH. Enjoy that choco pie.
It just might change your life. ;-)

Cherish Stockdale said...

I love your hoop love love love it!
Yes blog sugar looks awesome, I wish I had loads of money for all of us so we could just all go together.
Love your mailbox... we have one of those community ones that you need a key for. ewww so not cute!

Thanks for linking up I love your links & you! :)

Michelle said...

Sweet hoop art! I love bunting!

Kyle said...

embroidery hoops are addicting, no?? so cheap and fun to make! you're bunting is lovely.

Mamasita said...

Love your links! :-) AND loving your blog!
Happy Saturday!

myriahmae said...

This is my first time over here at your cute little blog. Love it!! Come check mine out www.myriahmae.blogspot.com! Nice to meet you in a bloggy sort of way!