Feb 13, 2011

She stirred the salsa while He stirred my heart

Neighbors six houses down probably heard the laughter and gabbing of the thirteen or so glamorous women gathered at our home for a Salsa Tupperware party Saturday (I have officially entered momdom in hosting such a party! But Tupperware's the bomb. Not. Kidding.).

Shawn had to "build a bridge" from our driveway to the street because all of the water (from melted snow) pools in front of our house & we didn't want the ladies' nice leather boots--thinking of no one in particular here--to get ruined. Chairs in the living room were practically piled atop one another. Gooey cookies, cheeses, fruit, and lemonade awaited us in the kitchen.

I'm telling you, God was amidst us. Even though we talked mostly about kids, life, Tupperware, recipes, scrapbooking, sleep apnea, crafting, etc etc, God was stirring a work in my heart. I didn't really want to share my recent struggles in Friday's post, but as many of you assured me, it was healing. And the outpouring of support and love from friends, both at the party and online, has been enough to bring me to my knees.

To all of you who were there and let me hug you, thank you (sometimes I overstep the personal space thing!). You are SO special to me. Some women get a kick out of fancy purses, traveling, curling up with a book, as do I. But spending time with sweet friends tops my list. It's my absolute favorite way to spend time. This is why I go on so many playdates I guess.

After tonight's 8-mile run (oh, it was awful!), I thumbed through a dorky book titled Just Hand Over the Chocolate and No One will get Hurt by Karen S. Linamen, and turned to her section on friendship. She pinpoints a few ways for us to become a better friend. I guess this is really for me because you girls have it DOWN. You are amazing!

~Do follow up with promises
~Do learn the art of listening
~Do celebrate your friend's happiness & success
~Do love your friend enough to tell her the truth
~Do be an encourager
~Don't hide behind a facade of perfection or control
~Don't tell secrets (meaning don't disclose her secret)
~Don't try to have an answer for everything

Great reminders.

Lastly, my baby almost got "stolen" from the MAPS nursery. I told you she was irresistible. :-)
Jess, with my Story Princess Love Child of Happiness
is an editor/writer (cool, huh?) and a runner!

Good night, friends. Those new, old, near, and far, thank you for making me want to be/get better.


Lynnie said...

Awesome on that 8 miles!!!

Michelle said...

One of my favorite things to do is hang out with girlfriends too! Thanks so much for hosting such a fun Tupperware party! We must get together soon!

Mom2ToriJo said...

I had such a good time! Thanks for including me in your group of friends! xoxo LOVE you!