Feb 16, 2011

This print, oh, it's amazing!

This print, yes, this one right here, Leisel,
image via

just might warrant my getting a part time job so I can buy it. I can't stop staring at it! Isn't it amazing? I stumbled upon the tuesdaymourning shop (she can even do couples portraits)
image via

whilst reading one of my fave blogs, Blessed Little Nest. You read Heather, right? Tell me you do. You are missing out if you don't.

So appreciate having something beautiful to look at today.

It's 65 degrees and a day full of so many great things:

Skyped with Dee who lives in Germany
Impromptu playdate with E
Received a valentine via snail mail from J
Sold an Etsy item
Then turned around and bought some craft supplies
At Hobby Lobby
I ran into my new friend M who reads this blog and encourages me
Leaps and bounds
And who rocks pink
And who doesn't judge me for having disheveled hair
And tennis shoes on
While out in public which is against Oprah's Ten Commandments
And both kids are sleeping and Story took a bottle!


I received my last issue of Real Simple
And I need new tires & lipo

Not a bad roster, though. Not bad.


Julie said...

Your day sounds amazing. I'm curious about what craft supplies you bought. Are you planning another fun project that I need to know about? ;)

Mindy M. Harris said...

Julie I was hoping I'd get a comment from at least ONE person. Ha.
Um, a wreath is in the making. I have so many ideas I can't sleep. Lots of them come to me while I'm running.

Krista Hutton said...

Hahaha, this post brought a smile to my face. For the record, I wear tennis shoes out in public ALL the time, so you aren't the only one breaking one of Oprah's Ten Commandments. Sorry Oprah! Just so much easier to chase the little ones around in. Ahhhh, lipo. What woman doesn't feel like they need it?! I know I sure do. Too bad I'm way too cheap (or poor is probably a more likely response) and way to much of a sissy to ever subject my body to something like that. My opinion may not matter, but I think you are beautiful inside and out and don't need to change a thing!!!

PS. I think your love for Hobby Lobby proves that we need to have a crafting date very soon!!!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so special that I got mentioned on your blog!! And for the record, you looked beautiful at Hobby Lobby and I didn't even notice that you had tennis shoes on. Did you find the straw wreath you were looking for? I found my fabric - going to work on my little project this afternoon!

Michelle said...

Also? I was super excited to see you wearing the headband I made you. Sometimes when you give someone something you don't know if they really like it or are just being kind.