Mar 25, 2011

706th post

This is my 706th post. That's alot of blogging! I now have 100+ "official" followers; thank you. Hurrah!

That is small given the millions of other bloggettes who have access to "more" and "better" resources than I do...but I still can be proud!! I am having fun and this is my happy place.

Since I'll probably never be asked these "questions for famous bloggers" {quotes mine} by Marta Dansie over at Marta Writes, I'm going to pretend she heard about my 104 followers then proceeded to ask away, in celebratory fashion.

It's Friday and I feel like talking.

Here goes:

No matter what mood I'm in I can always go for: a chocolate malt at Sonic then two-hours estate saleing.
My favorite go-to outfit would have to be: dark wash skinny jeans, stretchy tee, cardi, flats, headband.
A good source of inspiration is: my children. They motivate me to be genuine, confident, have faith like a child, and to dream big.
Am so glad my parents taught me: the value of education. Not just the value of secondary education but the value of learning lessons {especially spiritual ones} as we exist. No circumstance or person is part of my life by accident; we learn from all of it.
A song I like to dance to is: You Rock my World by Michael Jackson.
I wish everyone knew about: the redeeming blood of Jesus.
The best thing in my makeup bag is: Mary Kay liquid eyeliner! It's so fun to apply and makes me feel glamorous.
My dream spring break vacation spot is: a float trip at the Grand Canyon. Tent camping, hiking, the whole bit. I would cry I would love it so much. God made that big hole in our world and I want to see it!
This may be a surprise, but I am passionate about: women's ministry; I don't know what this will look like down the road but I just have a heart for making women feel special, valued, beautiful, and loved. I have overcome a lot of strongholds and would like to share my successes with other women.
A favorite book that changed me for the better:
was the Sacred Romance: Drawing Closer to the Heart of God, by Brent Curtis and John Eldredge
One of my pet peeves is:
hearing nails being trimmed, loud chomping, ambulance sirens (all of them are noise aversions)
My favorite daily ritual would have to be:
I am not a very ritualistic person at all but I do enjoy my sweets of the day.
I am trying to be better at:
running, reading the Bible, spending time with Shawn, having patience with my children, saying "no", managing time wisely...
The most recent rad thing I found online was:
all of you
I can't live without:
being able to be affectionate with my family. I hug and kiss my babies and husband like it's my Miss America talent!


Michelle said...

Loved this post! And you rocked the questions, I think Marta should add you to the list!

life chasers said...

Congrats! Loved getting to know you more.
Woman's ministry is one of my passions too, especially the broken. I love restoration!

va said...

Now that was just too fun!!

april@gingerbread girl said...

I so feel you about the grand canyon...I live in cali and have never been there!!! The idea of it just blows my mind!!! Let meet there and take a wicked photo of us drinking sonic shakes...Iv NEVER had sonic!!!


Jenna said...

That photo of you is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!

Kate said...

Thanks for letting me in on this corner of your life! <3

Emily said...

you are too cute! and we would totally be friends in real life :)

Breanna said...

Thanks for sharing your "sweet of the day" with me today, and for letting me smooch on Story girl! So blessed to have you in my life! Hugs! :)

christa morris said...

Isn't it fun!? i love you blog. And your art!? amazing. I die over sweet art!

Oh, and no deadline on the My Favorite Pair :)

ElisabethCS said...

You are so beautiful! Loved reading this...I think we really would be best buds in real life. I hope we do a "sheheartsit" meetup trip one day:) How exciting would that be? Oh and thank you for the encouragement about my post, I needed it.

Mighty McClure Fam said...

love the pic of you in red:) so hot!! loved reading this...you are amazing:)

Drea said...

<3 this - and your shirt, even if your laundry is backed up :)

Leslie @ top of the page said...

love the interview questions! i'm glad to be a new follower. thanks for visiting mine the other day. AND i'll be at blog sugar too!