Mar 21, 2011

Ikea trip 2011--No boys allowed

Shawn and I were in the kitchen tonight eating cookies and cereal, attempting to hold a discussion about something other than logistics or the kids.

It was finances. Not too exciting...except that we paid off our one credit card then cut it up!

Well I was cleaning the kitchen and spilled my glass of frosty yummy COLD ice water. I looked at Shawn who knows not to laugh or say anything about my frequent water spills and I said, "I'm done cleaning. I'm stressing out. Just going to blog now."

I've got to do something about my nerves and clutziness.

Those goals aside, it's so beneficial to have a place to come {blog land} where I can feel like I'm contributing to something. The patio door is open and the spring breeze rustles my hair and sends the wind chimes into melody; this is my favorite time of year...I really want it to be a time where I put my husband and children first. Where we say "no" to some things we really want to do, just for the sake of staying in our pjs, or camping in the back yard, or going to the zoo.

Let's continue on the Ikea reflections. I'm ready to go back. We are going to make it an annual thing.

It was planned for months so we could save some dinero. I had no large purchases in mind and came back with some cute things for the kids, a couple of rugs, some nice white cereal bowls, a lamp, laundry bins...I wanted new bedding and curtains but those were too hard to commit to without Shawn's wonderful artistic input.

We stayed at Aloft. It was gorgeous & modern!

We ate at Buca Di Beppo, one of my fave Italian places.
We experienced three horrible traffic jams that made our 6 hour trip a 9 hour one. But friends stick together and we kicked the trip's bootay.
Here's some Ikea eye candy. I wouldn't have left you hangin', promise!
I want an all white bedroom. Maybe after the kids are doing their own thing.
Love this; it has a nice variety of textures:

Each of us found our favorite kitchen. It would be like, "Juls this kitchen is SO.YOU." The kitchen I liked was tiny like the one I have, with a green wall like the one I have...
Our loot:
I'm thankful the Lord kept us safe on the road, kept us alert while driving, gave us wonderful, competent husbands who cared for our babies, equipped me with a pump so I could come home and keep nursing, gave us the funds to get our homes in order by purchasing cool stuff, and for giving us each other as friends.

Couldn't imagine life without these girls. God knows the perfect people to put in our lives.


Jessica said...

I stubbled across your blog they way people do in blog land, from one blog to another to another until I don't know how I got here. But I had to tell you I enjoyed your blog and I think I take our IKEA for granted. I've come to believe everyone has one twenty minutes away. Looks like you got some great stuff!

Drea said...

my mom lives like 15 min from IKEA :) - so any time I go visit we go there, I love the child care and food discounts too!

Mamasita said...

LOVE Ikea - and LOVE Buca!!!! So glad you had fun - your friends look like true treasures! Isn't it wonderful to have women like that in your life??? :-)
Hope you have a blessed Tuesday!

Emily said...

What a fun fun trip!! You look so pretty miss mindy, love your red shirt! :)

alishamcclure said...

Fun times!! Glad you got home safely!!

Eric's Mommy said...

I so wish we had an IKEA around here. I don't even know where there is one :(
PS-You look lovely :)

Kyle said...

you look great in red, mindy! i love ikea and would probably be very very broke if there was one in kansas

Cherish Stockdale said...

oh my that looks like so much fun
on a side note. you are looking HOT in these pictures! love red on you!

life chasers said...

I agree with everyone else, hot momma! So glad you got to go! Aren't close friends priceless??

Michelle said...

I too think you look great in red! Looks like you had lots of girly fun - the best kind!

Jami Nato said...

i love IKEA...so jealous of your trip! love that you filled the car with all your loot. glorious...