Mar 27, 2011

iPhone photo post

I needed this weekend. We were just home a lot...wonderful, warm home.

We did everything together (church, groceries, lunch at IHOP today, family cuddles in our huge bed on Saturday morning), instead of Shawn going here, me going there, and the kids split between us.

Story helped with groceries:
Our spur of the moment double date is the only thing we did without the kids; was thankful our sitter was available last minute. Here's A and I; she's awesome. Our guys talked design while we talked sleep schedules and a possible camping trip.
I seem to be wearing the same shirt every day. That's how bad my laundry pile is.

Shawn and I also watched Life As We Know It...together. On the couch. In the same room! For two hours...and I didn't even craft or fold laundry during it.

I love looking at pictures on Shawn's iPhone. It's a treat to see things from his creative perspective. Here are some I made him send me:
We really only read vintage books to Wilder. They are oh, 60-pages and some of them boring...like the one about the whales. There are no people in that book. Illustrated whales aren't that fun to look at.
Oh, Sissy. You are my heart.
That's what I get to see if I get my butt up to run!


CaseyWiegand said...

so sweet friend :) xoxo

TK said...

I think thats great motivation for a run!!!!

Jenna said...

S's sweater is so darling! Glad you had some quality time with the hubs. Does a heart good!

Julie said...

What a perfect weekend; makes me smile. I love that picture of Story looking out the window.

life chasers said...

weekends with the hubs are the BEST!!! and sometimes some of the best pictures are on our phones...

katygirl said...

sweet little picture of your daughter staring out the window. love it.

Kyle said...

yay for date nights! i love the shot of wilder from the nose up. lovely!