Mar 22, 2011

Library and lunch on a pretty spring day

This has been a really neat day! I got up early and ran outside; I have way more energy than I normally would at this time of the day. It was a very pretty run (maybe 5 miles?) "down by the river" with lots of "wildlife" to see and a pure, clean-smelling breeze. Except the breeze directly by the river smelled of fish. But I don't really mind that. It makes me want to camp.

We saw a puppet show at the library then had A and L over for lunch. My house was an embarrassment--dirty laundry in baskets in the kitchen, because who has time to cart them all the way down to the basement? Crushed Cheerios left from Story's crawling. Piles of dishes...I have to get in gear about my house. I just have to! Tips?

I want you to see some of these every day life photos. I am blessed in so many ways, but being a mom just might trump them all. My babies are my everything.

W & A played hard together; W needs interaction with older kids.
Some of these pictures are really low quality but imperfections are what make this blog MINE. Because I am not perfect! Also I don't shop at Hollister. The neighbor girls (teenagers) let me go through their Goodwill bags. There was a cute little A cup bra in there that cracked me up.

I remember being that small...

A & L are as precious as they look.
The end.


Cherish Stockdale said...

that looks like a great day!
5 miles outdoors! awesome!
you go girl!

life chasers said...

your workout routine inspires me!
my house is so far from perfect but what i do is get up and do a run through in each room before the girl gets up.
play dates are SO fun!

april@gingerbread girl said...

one question? How are your kids so cute? :)

Laura said...

Aww ~ thanks for the love today, Mindy-loo! What a perfect day. xo

Shauna at The Reed Life said...

thanks for the book reference...heaven is for real...i'll look for it. i love reading about my future home!
and i love that we are the same...can't wait to meet you at blog sugar...well, i can kinda wait since i think the whole blog sugar thing is a little (lot) scary and i will maybe be sorta weirded out by the pressure on that day...but you know what i mean.
ps. do you have a nose ring!? so so so so cute! you need it added to you on your header because it is is adorable. and so are you. so there.

TK said...

we went running...in...the...rain...yep...heavy...rain...for training this morning...no...excuses....with...our...trainer!!! BUT I felt good afterwards!! After I got home, got my wet clothes off, had a shower, put on dry gear and had a nice hot coffee in my hands...yes I felt way good!! This body battle is exactly that - a battle for me....but I am getting there slowly...TK xx (ps - always love your piccies whatever the quality because they are real!) xx

Shelley said...

pure gorgeousness...your blog..your family...and especially you!! I love Buca too, but none of my girls ever want to go ! hope to see you at Blog Sugar xo (found you through the Reed Life..isnt she the very best ever !)

Andrea said...

Way to go on running 5 miles outside! I am still struggling with 3....but since I have NEVER run in my life I think my lungs are just slow at getting built up to it! So frustrating sometimes!