Apr 20, 2011

How To Make Easter Candy Bark

I may be in big trouble for admitting this, but I rarely read the Pioneer Woman's website because it makes me feel a) overwhelmed and b) little? Like my blog is little. But her blog is simply beautiful and she is a talented writer. I love her. I do!

When thinking of Easter dessert ideas, I went straight to PW's site, and of course was led to another site, Gingerbread Bagels, that has this make your mouth water easter candy bark recipe.
Here's how you make it, per Gingerbread Bagel's original recipe.
(all photos this post are mine)

Easter Candy Bark

8 ounces semi sweet chocolate chips
8 ounces milk chocolate chips
7 ounces pink candy melts

1/2 cup Spring Oreos -cut in half (they have a yellow center)
1/4 cup Easter Candy Corn
1/4 cup Mini Cadbury Eggs – cut in half (the hard shell ones)
1/4 cup Mini Robin Eggs (malt balls/Whoppers)
1/8 cup M&Ms (You can use whatever kind you like)

Measure out the candy and cookies. Set aside.

Lay out a large piece of parchment paper. You’ll use this to make the Easter Candy Bark on.

Put 8 ounces of semi sweet chocolate chips and 8 ounces of milk chocolate chips in a microwavable bowl. Melt the chocolate chips but be careful not to overheat the chocolate.

Spread the melted chocolate onto the parchment paper into an 8 by 11 rectangle. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect.

In a microwavable bowl, melt the pink candy melts. (you can use whatever color you like). Be careful not to overheat the candy melts. Drop the melted candy melts on top of the chocolate.

Using a knife, swirl it up and down. Then swirl it back and forth.

Place the candy and cookies on the melted chocolate/candy melts. Press down lightly.

Allow the Easter Candy Bark to dry for at least 3 hours. Cut into pieces and enjoy!

Now that I understand the basics of "bark" I just might be hooked on making it all the time. Please note I refrigerated mine overnight, as it wasn't hardening up enough on the counter. Also, I used a baking sheet because I was out of parchment. It broke/popped out just fine.

And because no holiday is complete without cupcakes, W & I whipped up some cupcakes. He "helped" decorate by putting his finger into the frosting (and licking it) each one. Guess we can't share now.


Julie said...

Yum! That bark looks amazing. . . .i hope you save me a piece. ;)

And I love that Wilder's little finger swiped frosting from each cupcake.

my little celebration said...

Fun post! The pictures are adorable and the bark looks delicious! So colorful and Easter-y!

mommyjoymarie said...

Oh, that looks amazing! I will definitely be making some in the near future. Thanks for sharing!
P.S. I don't read PW either. Totally overwhelms me!

Jenna said...

I have PW women's cookbook and like it. However, I'm with you - I find her blog VERY overwhelming and haven't been to it in a year or two. Looks like you have yummy treats!

TDM Wendy said...


hannah singer said...

this looks amazing!

Michelle said...

I read PW's blog and love it! I do wonder how she does it all though. Your bark looks delish!

Natalie said...

oh my goodness! these look heavenly and SWEET! like chocolate on crack :) ha. yum! i am such a fan of sugar... sadly for my diet :) ...and i also love pw!! go girl!

Breanna said...

Looks yummy!!! BTW...PW is getting her own show on Food Network, and I'm a little excited about it. ;)

Rachael said...

Oh.Sweet.Lolli...what have you shown me? I am for sure going to try this!! Love this idea girlie

the lowes said...

oh. my. goodness. i cant even wrap my mind around the goodness of this!!! :)

Emily B. said...

Whoa, that looks yummy! I kinda just wanna stare at it... but eating it would be nice too! You are such a fun mommy. :)