Apr 16, 2011

His birthday

last night

I love the man who asked me to marry him.
I love that we met at the age of 14 and became fast friends.
As fast of friends as you can be in junior high.
I love that we have grown up together.
Sometimes it is sad to think of how quickly time warps.
We were kids when we got married.
Now we have our own kids.
The seasons of life come in and out, in and out.
All the more reason to soak in
All that life has for us.

In a blink, it will be gone.

Happy birthday, Shawn. You are so many of the things I wish to be.


weza said...

Happy Birthday Shawn!!!
That first picture is awesome. Shawns face is like "I am the luckiest guy on the planet".

Quentin and Amy Ellis said...

how cute are you two!!!!

april@gingerbread girl said...

awwww love the pics girly....you two are such a cute couple!!!


ElisabethCS said...

So sweet! I've been with my hubby for 17 years in June. We have lots of old pix I should share.

You are so pretty!

my little celebration said...

Great post! Happy birthday to Shawn. You look so YOUNG in that first picture. You were a stinkin' hotty pa-totty and still are for sure :D.

Hope you're having a great weekend.
Hugs, Dana.

Julie said...

You two are so cute; I like you together lots and lots. I loved seeing the "older" pictures too.

Happy Birthday, Shawn!

life chasers said...

golly ya'll are adorable! love it! happy, happy day!

Angela said...

I'm proud to say that I knew you two "back then"! Happy Birthday, Shawn!

alishamcclure said...

Happy Birthday Saturday, Shawn!! Love this post Mindy...so cute!! Always fun to reminisce!!

TDM Wendy said...

So fun to see all those pics. Happy bday to your husband!

va said...

Ahhhhhh! wonderful post!!