Apr 27, 2011

Hoop art--take a looksie

Doesn't a master bedroom makeover sound wonderful? We need one.

Oh this ceiling and windows!
photo via

I'm currently addicted to fffound!--the images are interesting, artistic, inspiring (and some weird/gross) and make me think of projects, projects, projects!

In terms of projects I created a couple of hoops this week, to relax. I like to craft while Shawn talks to me about everything.
All materials are vintage and I have duplicate materials so I can make more of these hoops, just in different sizes.
They will show up in my shop soon!
Lastly, here's an iPhone pic of our newest addition:
Vintage Emerson stereo hi-fi record and radio player, found by my parents for $3 at auction!

The radio part works but we haven't checked the record player out yet. I just wanted to decorate.


Michelle said...

Your hoop art is so awesome!

Jenna said...

Do you just squeal when your mommy and daddy brought you that?! $3?! I need to find some auctions around here - you can get the coolest stuff there!

CaseyWiegand said...

um....r u serious?! AMA-ZING!!!!!!! Seriously, in love!

Emily said...

ok $3!!!???? wowza...totally awesome.

sweet hoops too my friend!

Kyle said...

cute hoops!

life chasers said...

that radio is RAD!

grace said...

$3?? That's crazy!
Also, I might need to get one of those awesome hoops. Since it has my name and everything :)

Bonita Rose said...

Love your hooop art... come to my blog and check out my hoop art project!!!! Love yours!